By Mildred Vargas

“Sphinx” (2018), by Carla Jay Harris, from the series Celestial Bodies

Untitled by Mildred Vargas tells the compelling story about immigrants, gangsters and brujeria in the south Bronx, NY. The point of view chapters takes you on a journey of characters surviving in this exposé of the gritty and bougie depths of what it is to grow from the concrete pavements that nurtured people of Dominican, Puerto Rican and Colombian descent. While Vargas offers humanity to characters that would otherwise be dismissed as crude, machista and violent, she comes up short when writing about brujeria as we only experience this in the first chapter, Michael, and has yet…

Mildred Vargas

Mildred Vargas is a student in the MFA program for creative writing at City College and lives in Queens, NY.

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